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"Larissa Lau rocks my socks till it knocks on my boxers. :)"
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gums ! Gums ! and more Gums ! hey ! LOOK ! i'm a bouncing ball ! Boing ! Boing ! Boing ! Weeeeee XD eepss...watch out for that wall ! BANG ! CRASH ! SMASH ! oh no ! mom's gonna kill me. yikes! and i can hear her right now ! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....(runs to hide) phewww...i think i'll be safe here...behind a house plant. hehehe XD


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Thursday, August 6, 2009


I miss you too! ;)

love lala ;D


Photobucket 3:27 PM

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I miss you. :(


Photobucket 6:34 PM

Pictures of the day: Sunny Sunday =D

credits to Tammy Hunney ;)

Do you guys think she's P.H? Nehhh...i don't think so. She's way Hotter, Cuter,

totally gorgeous and super available ! haha XD oh oh. and to make it even better.

She's D one and only Tammy Ho ! *screams* ahhhhhhh....totally original ! ;)

Anyway, thanks hun for lending us your super stylish and fire burning sunneys !

haha XD if you know what i mean. ;) We had a great time trying to be P.H and camwhoring

didn't we? well, somehow i did. hehe XD let's do it again some other time shall we? =D

Hehe. Okay okay. Enough of listening to me talk crap. Here are some of the pictures of the day.

Please enjoy. ;)

hehe. that's Bue and I Love her so much ! She's like my sis cause we always do stuff together and

all. Don't think negative yeah. hehe XD oh oh...and that's Richard gor. LOL XD

Haha. Richard's emo-ing. LOL XD It doesn't suit him at all. XP Moving on...

Now that's what i call cool. He looks like terminator. haha. As-ta-la-vis-ta- baby. LOL *girls screams and drools over him* XD errr...next...haha XD

My 5 best buddies ! oops.. missing kyralynn babe and Samantha ! sighs. Well, if you guys are interested in them, don't even think about going there. haha. Cause their taken ! by me...LOL XD I know i know. I'm - L-A-M-E- hehe ;)

This is Deborah. I call her Deb. hehe. She's super cool and fun to be with. hehe. and yeah, that's Richard. *The guy who all girls dream of * sighs...

Pet sis and Pet Bro's: Richard. Bue. and the girl in pink. hehe XD

Bue dear and me ! I can't live without her. She's like glued to me for life ! hehe. and she's like the best sis ever ! not forgetting Tho and Kyral yeah. ;)

And yeap. That's Bue again ! hehe. She hacked into my blog but neh. I don't mind. Cause i love what's she's doin. hehe. XD

Debby XD

Tammy and Deb RockS me out of here !

Deb and Bue dear ;)

Yeap. I guess that's all for now. Will blog again as soon as i finish my trial's. hehe. sighs. i'm so not ready for it. =x

we want to run to the altar

and catch the fire

to stand within the gap

between the living and the dead

give us a heart of compassion

to a world without vision

we can make a difference

bringing hope

to our land.


Photobucket 12:33 PM

Friday, July 24, 2009

RAWR? hahaha XD

so, there were 5 of us today. we planned to meet up and go yum cha and lepak. LOL XD
Apparently, the other 3 dudes were late. me and poh ling had to call them but no one picked up the call. In the end, they finally arrived and guess who was late? Chee Ho...LOL XD blaming his other 2 innocent friends. hahaha XD

Erm...well...i can't describe how i feel bout today. It's like all jumbled up. Like rojak. LOL XD erm...cuz i had loads of fun, and sometimes speechless and blurr at the moment plus had some lame momentswith Poh Ling and the 3 most geng and funniest people i ever knew. LOL XD Trust me. Their super super cool and hilarious. haha XD

So...after that, headed to the mamak store and lepaked there for more than 1 and a half hour. (Erm, btw, is lepaked even a word? LOL XD ) In the mean time, since i'm already blogging about the mamak store part, Chee ho, don't eat in front of me anymore! hahaha XD Speaking about that, they played with their foods too. The plate was almost full with chilli sos. XD and then they started to crack up jokes which i was the slowest to understand or i'm the only odd one out. hahaha XD. Then, after that, we went to the playground and started to act like lil kids. hehehe. Remember Poh Ling, Deric and Edwin climbed the swing pole? hahaha...so geng man ! sighs...if i were a boy.....LOL XD oh oh...and...how do you spell rhinocenos? R-H-I-N-O-C-E-R-O-S hehehe...

anyway...the weather was good today until Chee ho ruined it. LOL XD. hahaha. He's singing made it look like it wanted to rain. Everytime he started singing, the clouds turn black and starts to cover up the sun. hahaha XD then we played until 4 sumtin. hehe. Today is one of the most happiest day on my list. i haven't had this much fun for quite a long time. Thanks to the 3 superheroes and heroin. XD erm...yeah...oh...and in the end, i walked back with on of the superheroes. LOL XD and we had this silent treatment cuz we didn't know what to say. LOL XD but in the end we did talk for a while. hahas. at least. and thanks Deric cuz you pei me back to school. =) and thanks to you guys for this happy day. Hope you guys had lots of fun cuz i really did. And btw. I wasn't emo-ing.

Oh. and not forgetting, chee ho, i'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted today LOL XD and edwin. Don't emo la ok. Shuffle more. It'll make you feel better. hahaha XD I hope. erm...and thanks to Deric and Poh Ling too. hehehe =) let's do it again some other time. okay! ((;


Photobucket 9:09 PM

Sunday, July 19, 2009

haha. another post for you tammy, bue and kyralynn dearies ((:

LOL. so...another day has passed by so quickly and in no time at all, the form 3's will be sitting for their PMR exam. And that goes for me too. sighs. i feel scared now. :s in fact, i'm freaking out!! ahhhhh...what will bue say? what will tammy and kyralynn babe say? and what will God say to me? erm erm...i think something like...chill lala...you're gonna be fine. God will be with you. So don't worry. Just do your best. haha.

Hey. guess what? I totally got freaked out about it when my friend told me that there is about like 7 weeks till PMR ! When i heard that, my heart was beating so fast i could hear it a thousand miles away. I guess my friends would be avle to hear it too. haha XD. Freaky ei. LOL..

haha. anyway, hun, dear and babe, you girls don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine. and you girls are like the best. And you girls mean a lot to me. Not to mention Calvin didi, Poh Ling, OCH, Deric, Chi Ching, Carmen See, Erica and all my other close friends. hahaXD. And i wish you guys and girls all the best too ya in your PMR and in other things !

Okay. Calvin didi, I'm glad that i get to talk to you a lot nowadays. It's really nice of you to drop by and say hie to me or if not then it will be the other way round. hahaha. You're like the best didi ever ! Love ya loads. I can' t wait to see you again didi. Can't wait for you, Bue jie and me to go out together! haha. okay. i guess i'll post until here. tty girls and guys another day. aite? ;D

Photobucket 5:33 PM

For you calvin didi ! Love jie jie Bue and Larissa ;)

Photobucket 5:20 PM

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry Tammy hunny. I know that it's been quite long since i've post something. haha. So i'm just gonna post a for a lil while ((:

erm. Anyway. School has been pretty boring lately and i have tons of homework to finish. Luckily i finished my KKG and SEJ project. haha. I still have to my Art project though ): anyhow, i didn't do well in my Sej and geo exam again. sighs. Sej is like the worst subject of all. Ishh...

Ok. i'm gonna change topic now. haha. Erm. Hunny, guess what. I didn't chat with him for like two days. Haha. You do know who i'm talking about right? ;D haha. And no bue dear. I'm not avoiding him. don't worry. haha. Kyralynn babe! I've stopped being ms. Lady Gaga now. ((: haha. oh oh...and i'm still smiling. haha.

Hunny, Dear and Babe, I have loads to tell you girls about. I can't wait for this Sunday. ((: Oh oh. And...we're going on a date. So make sure you girls be there ya. haha. I'm currently talking crap right now. And...i'm on my way to go study right now. And Tammy hun. i will get back to my posting when i'm free. Okay. haha. oh oh. And this is for you ((: Tra la la ;D


Photobucket 2:57 PM

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Skyway Avenue by We the kings ((:

She said let's change our luck
This night is all we've got
Drive fast until we crash
this dead end life
Sweetdreams that won't come true
I'd leave it all for you
Brick walls are closing in
Let's make a run tonight
Blinded by the light
Hold you through forever won't let you go
Cause if you jump
I will jump too
we will fall together
from the buildings ledge
never looking back at what we've done
we'll say it was love
cause i would die for you
on skyway avenue
She said don't change your mind
let's leave this town behind
We'll race right off the cliff
They will remember this
It all got so mundane
with you i'm back again
Just take me by the hand
were close to the edge
Blinded by the light
Hold your through forever won't let you go
cause if you jump
i will jump too
we will fall together
from the buildings ledge
never looking back at what we've done
we'll say it was love
cause i would die for you
on skyway avenue
Where are your guts to fly?
soaring through...through the night
and if you take that last step i'll follow you
Leave the edge and fly...we're finally...alive
Cause if you jump
i will jump too
we will fall together
from the buildings ledge
never looking back at what we've done
we'll say it was love
cause i would die for you
on skyway avenue
so what's left to prove?
we have made it through


Photobucket 2:44 PM