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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I would like to wish Everyone a

2009 !

May God bless you all and you're families !

love, lala.
Leaving all the wonderful
memories behind and
making new one's.

Photobucket 7:39 PM

PMR Results !
Yes. yesterday was PMR result day. I think most of the PMR students will be shivering before they get their results. hahs. well, i only know one who was shivering. that was my brother. hahas. but i wasn't there to see him shiver. hahas. anyway. We heard good news when he came back from school . hahas. guess what. He got straight A's and we were all proud of him. After that, me and Ivan followed my mum to Mid valley and me and my brother walked almost the whole shopping mall alone. heh. I had to pay RM10 for his iced mocha as a gift for succeeding in his PMR. LOL. well, sort of. hahas. OH no! and Next year it's my turn. my turn to face the hard time of PMR year. haix. but it's a new year to start. hahas. my bro has to help me and Reuben in my PMR and Reuben's UPSR. hahas. Not to mention, he also has to take care of his own studies too. hahas. it's gonna be a tough year for three of us and a bz one too. LOL. i'm trying to cut down on watching movies and computer. hahas. starting from tomorrow. heh. GOOD LUCK next year to all the student's who will be sitting for UPSR, PMR and SPM !


Photobucket 7:23 PM

It's me ! back from Singaporie !

Hey you guys and girls. hahs. yes. it's me again. back from Singaporie. Opps. i mean Singapore. hmm. anyway, sory i didn't post for like a long time. i really didn't quite have the time to do it. but now i can. hahs.

Well, now then. my singapore trip is not as what i dreamt or thought it would be. but well, it's still ok eventhough it's not that interesting or anything. it's quite fun and tiring. hahs. *don't worry my friends. you didn't miss anything* hahs. well, the good thing that i like about singapore is that it's a very clean place. hahs. Secondly, they have really big and nice and expensive shopping malls. yes. just like malaysia. except that it's more expensive but they have discounts. hahas. now. the bad thing about my trip to singapore is that i don't really like the food there and the part where i got sick. well, if you're asking what sickness i got. haha. well, it's fever that happened. i had to miss like 5 big and quite cheap shopping malls just to get better. argh. ishhh. not to mention, staying all by myself in the hotel room, with no company accept the tv and the rest of them went out shopping. try taking 4 pills of medicine just to get better.

btw. i couldn't find the little miss T that i wanted to buy cuz it was all out of stock. haix. every shop was all out of stock. I didn't really enjoy myself there though. i was the only one who missed out all the fun. ]:

ok. so that's my story bout my trip. I know that i missed the best YF camp this year. If i went to Singapore before camp i would have never missed it. but, there's always next year and i hope that it will be better. so yea. I'm still the girl who still loves to laugh. hahs.


Photobucket 7:01 PM

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You're one in a million
How did i get here;
i turned around;
and there you were;
i did'nt think twice or rationalize;
cuz somehow i knew;
that there was just more than chemistry;
i mean i knew you were kind of into me;
but i figured it's too good to be true;
i said pinch me where's the catch this time;
can't find a single clous in the sky;
he me before i get used to this guy;
They say that good things take time;
but really great things happen in a blink of an eye;
thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one;
i can't believe it;
you're one in a million...
All this time i was looking for some love;
trying to make things work;
they weren't good enough;
till i thought i'm through;
said i'm done;
then stumbled into the arms on the one...
You're making me laugh abouth the silliest stuff;
say that i'm your diamond in the rough;
when i'm mad at you;
you come with your velvet touch;
can't believe that i'n so lucky;
i have never felt so happy;
everytime i see that sparkle in your eyes
they say that good thing takes time;
but really great things happen in a blink of an eye;
thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one;
i can't believe it;
you're one in a million...
yeah yeah;
All this time i was looking for love;
trying to make things work;
they weren't good enough;
till i thought i'm through;
said i'm done;
then stumbled into the arms of one.....
I said pinch me where's the catch this time;
can't find a single cloud in the sky;
help me before i get used to this guy;
They say that good things take time;
but really great things happen in the blink of an eye;
thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one;
i can't believe it;
yeah yeah
They say that good things take time;
but really great things happen in a blink of an eye;
thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one;
i can't believe it;
you're one in a million;
you're one in a million;
you're one in a million....


Photobucket 3:39 PM

HOT or NOT !!

Hey, so. i guess my topic for today is HOT or NOT ? And my answer is who cares. Because i'm currently reading a book about beauty LAB which was given to me by my funniest Youth teacher, Benny. hahs. And not to forget my nicest youth teacher, Aunty Gurmeet. Thanks for the book eventhough i didn't show up for the christmas party. Sory about that!

Anyway, so. I looked at the book and flipped through the pages and saw how interesting it was. And since i din have anyhthing to do so i sat down and started to read the book eventhouh now i'm currently readind another book. hahs. Well, it's not a crime to read books right? hahs.

so. yeah. i read on and i saw that everybody was unique to God. Well, i know that a long time ago but now i know more bout it. hahs. and as i read on, it interest me more. hahs. seriously. well, to me la. I don't know bout you guys. hahs.

And i continue reading, and reading, and reading and i came upon this. Okay, picture God creating a new baby girl or boy. well, i'm just adding the word boy cuz actually this book is for girls. hahs. but it's ok to add guys in it. hahs. okay. So picture God holding a baby girl or baby boy and imagine God whose works are wonderful saying, "Oops, i didn't make little Megan as precious as baby Brittany. I hate it when that happens." Can you honestly imaigine God saying that? No way right. Cuz every tiny being God creates has his beautiful fingerprints on her or him and he always makes you special and different. You just got to have faith and trust in him, and find your gift and make use of it. You might one day find it and you'll know how special you are to God, your friends and family.

You might be good at drawing, dancing, singing or anything. Just don't forget to thank God always no matter what.

                                      Love Larissa.


Photobucket 3:02 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gonna miss you Teng Poh Yee ! ]:
*trying not to cry. LOL.*
*sigh* i can't believe that your leaving to another tuition centre. We're all gonna miss you and your smile. hahs. LOL. Not forgetting the way you always eat lolipop's in class. hahs. Thanks for sharing sweets with me too btw. hahs.
So how are you doing in your new tuition centre? having fun? made any friends and met any guys you like yet. hahs. I know your a guy magnet. hahs. LOL. Anyway, i heard  from Tricia that not only you are leaving but a few of them too. Bryan Lau is stopping tuition cuz he's lazy and what so ever. Don't really bother anyway. He changed a lot ever since he stopped tuition for a while.
haix. Everything gonna change anyway. Can't stop the world and repeat Form 2 again anyway. We still got to move on no matter what. So, i hope you'll meet more friends in your new tuition centre. hahs. Keep in touch too yea. Remember to write letters to me. Well, now we don't really need to write letters like the olden days. hahs. But just send me a message whenever you're free kay. hahs. Smile [[:
ps: Don't eat too much lolipop. Bad for your teeth and health. hahs. [[:
:Pictures of that day:
pictures of that day in rememberence of you. huggies. loves.

Photobucket 4:17 PM

Friday, December 12, 2008

:Hyperness and nothing else:

hahas. well, haven't i told you guys that my cousin's were back for the holidays? well, yea, they are. And well, i want you guys to meet them. Their totally cool and awesome to be with. Seriously, hahs. They are currently staying at my house for the mean time. So, yea. We hang out a lot. Well, it's not that i don't want to hang out with you guys but i think you know what i mean right. hahs. 

Yea. So, anyway, maybe some day i'll intoduce them to you guys. kay. ok. so. we've been hanging out a lot together lately. hahs. and everyday they make me laugh. hahs. like a lot. And i can't stop. hahs. Especially when we play UNO. hahas. yea. and yesterday was one of the most horrible day in my life cuz it was a public holiday and you know how i hate crowded places and traffic jams right? well, that's my point. We were like on our way to MidValley when we came upon this traffic jam on the federal highway side. Well, it was actually quite fine when suddenlt this bus was like trying to squeeze it's big ass so that it could go through but in fact it couldn't. So, in the end, it scratched my dad's car and the bus driver was like trying to get away with it.

Luckily, in the end it stopped. So my aunt went down to like sort this thing out. Yea. and me, my couz and bro's stayed in the car and like did nothing but tell jokes. hahs. we were like talking bout the bus with it's fat ass. hahs. no offence. hahs. anyway, yes. well, after that, my aunt's jotted down all the bus driver's information and yea. their going to call the company when they get home.

So, we continued our journey to MidValley to get everything we need done so we could relax in the end of the day. But unfortunately, it was a public holiday so like every parking lot is like FULL and you know how i don't like crowded places. Ishh. haix. trying to calm myself now. and i had a headache all because of that. So in the end, we like headed home cause it was so frustrating to find a parking space. Argh, i'm never going to MidValley on a public holiday ever again. well, that's for sure. *btw, by now, Bue will be like asking me to chill right now* hahs. right Bue. [[: LOL XD

Yea. So in the end we went back to Jusco, Maluri to eat McDonald. hahs. everything was fine again until when we reached home, we found out that the guy who works at McD didn't give Reuben his free toy cuz he ordered happy meal. Argh. it was really a bad day. Not only that, it started to rain heavily too. well, that's my point today. What a dissapointment. okay. Got to chill now. bye [[:


Photobucket 8:10 PM

Caught you! XD

hahas. caught you right handed Bue. hahs. LOL. you gave me such an easy hint on that. hahs. anyway. ILY too Bubu. hahs. you mean everything to me. hahas. so. how's your weekdays? Kor *as in Richard* went to Singapore and Johor for the holidays. His only coming back on Tuesday. hahs. btw. i already bought him his Famous Amos cookies because i am very lazy and i don't wanna bake. hahas. okay okay. You caught me. Actually to be honest, hahs, i don't know how to bake. hahs. shhhhh. I know how to cook but i don't know how to bake. well, if it's cake then i can do it. but not cookies cuz i don't know how to. hahs. so, can you teach me? LOL. thanks Bubu.

                                                                                     :mucholove, lala [[:


Photobucket 7:51 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hint hint on who's here. :)
ily lala !

Photobucket 7:36 PM

                                      Remember the times we had together;
                                                       and the time it's never gonna end.
Rawr! we're hungry and it's munching time. Grrrr!
Bestiez since we were kiddies. hahs [[:
Trying to act cute ei? hahs. my hairs so messy!
arghh..hahs. curled my hair. hahs. thanks to my
beautiful hair stylist, BUE. hahs. *gasp*
hahs XD i don't know where Bue is looking but she
still looks awesome to me. gagaga.
Say CHEESE ! it's very awesone once you get to know them.
hahs [[: really. you won't regret. [[;
everytine i think i'm closer to the heart;
of what it means to know just who i am;
i think i've finally found a better place to start;
but no one ever seems to understand;
i  need to try to get to where you are;
could it be;
you're not that far;
your the voice i hear inside my head;
the reason that i'm singing;
i need to find you;
i got to find you.
~love larissa~

Photobucket 6:14 PM

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

:Say it again for me:
pictures of you; pictures of me
Tammy. I need the pictures on that day.
hahs. please...with chocolate sprinkles
and chips on top. hahs. [[:

Photobucket 8:17 PM

Friday, December 5, 2008

lala just ran out of ideas !
The moment you face;
is it all straight away or behind you;
if you look around you'd see everything's perfectly clear;
picture it all in your mind;
remember where we are now;
open your eyes;
and take it all in;
remember where we are now;
this is where your life begins.
You feel like;
your lost in the croud;
watching life go on without you;
but maybe;
it's your turn to shine;
everything started right here;
don't leave this moment behind;
remember where we are now;
open your eyes;
and take it all in;
remember where we are now;
this is where your life begins.
But don't look away;
it's the life that you choose now believe it;
there'll come a day;
when you look up and see
how that you are with me;
remember where we are now;
open your eyes;
and take it all in;
remember where we are now;
this is where your life begins.
remember where we are now;
open your eyes;
and let love begin;
remember where we are now;
this is where your life begins.
remember..ohh remember..
this is where your life begins.

God is always here to help you;
all you have to do is just ask
and pray. [[:

Photobucket 3:54 PM

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mr. SipPie [[:

hahas. i've been watching movies for the past few days and i've watched SLEEPOVER and HAIRSPRAY for like about three times. hahs. I'm waiting to watch Nancy Drew this Sunday. hahs. Movie's again ! *right Mr. Sippie?* hahs. well, from the day of the last day of school, i have already watched Enchanted, Madagascar, Hairspray, Sleepover, Sydney White, August Rush and half of Twilight. I still can't get to go out to watch Twilight with you guys again cuz no one to fetch me there. *arghh...sorry you guys* I'm planning to buy the DVD instead. hahs. Later i'm gonna watch Transformers again. hehe. *SPEECHLESS* 

Anyway, enough of the blabbering about movies. hahs. Guess what Bue, Richard is my new pet bro now. hahs. Tammy's too. *ryte Tammy?* hahas. I've been chatting with my kor *as in Richard* this few days. We plan to go out one day to watch Twilight and this Sat and Sun, Kor, Bue, Tammy and I are going to take pics cuz were all pet bro and pet sis. hahs. You can join in too if you like Jon. LoL.

Well, i have to stop my crapping now. Tell me when you guys and girls are free kay. I want to go out with you guys. [[: Hey Kor, Tammy and Deb are going to your hse to watch Wall.e ryte? hahs. have fun kay. sob. I wish i was staying nearer to you guys. Oh well, i can't change everything. hahas. So, I'll see you guys this Sat and Sun k. Take more pics. *ryte Bue and Tammy* [[: huggies.

See you guys soon yea loves. Mr. Sippie says bye bye. *waves* Me too. Gtg now. Remember you guys, choir this Sat. So be there early yea. So we can crap more. lalala...


Photobucket 11:42 AM

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top 1o
Your on my Top 10 list !

Robert Pattinson
Jesse McCartney
Nick Jonas
Aaron Yan Ya Lun
Wu Chun
David Archuleta
David Cook
Raymond Lam
Hey [[: and not forgetting you too. hahs.

Photobucket 1:25 PM


I had Nothing to do and i was bored. Can't even go out with friends so i decided to  watch tv and play computer. Unfortunately, playing computer was boring cuz no chatted with me. so...i offed the comp and went to watch Tv. I watched Hairspray twice. Now i'm currently waiting to watch Nancy Drew starring Emma Roberts.

Planning to watch movies with friends. I can't believe that i missed half of Twilight ! Arghhhh...dissapointed. Well, you see. I went to MV to watch Twilight with my friends on the release date which is on Thursday. Then, waited for Jon and his friends. They were almost late for the movie but luckily the movie was still at the advertisement part. phheewwww...

The movie started and everyone was like shouting. Well, mostly it was like the girls and Bue, Jon and I were like laughing. LOL. Then when we saw Edward Cullen starring Robert Pattinson, Bue and I were like WOW! His HOT! LOL. and it's like you got this feeling like you can't breath. Hahs. Then the girls sitting next to Bue were like screaming again cuz Robert Pattinson is so Hot. hahs. and i told Bue that i was going to dream bout Edward Cullen when i go home. hahas.

Well, i only watched until the part where Edward was fighting with James the bad vampire cuz he was trying to save Bella. Then my brother was like calling me to go out and i was like why? Then he told me that my dad was here and i din get to finish the movie. I was so dissapointed at that moment. I tried to ask my brother to call my dad to not fetch us cuz my aunt can fetch us home but my brother told me that my dad was already here. So...in the end, i had to go home.

When i reached home, ate dinner and then ran upstairs to search for the Twilight Movie. Arghhh...in the end i still couldn't find it. I'm so dissapointed until this very day. Now i'm trying to find the DVD so i don't have to go to the cinema to watch and i can watch it anytime i want. hahs. OVER AND OVER AGAIN ! hahs. I miss Bue. Wondering when will she be back?


Photobucket 12:17 PM