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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will you dance if I ask you to dance ?
take my hand . take a breath . hold me close . and take one step . keep your eyes . locked to mine . and let the music be our guide. sighs.


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every girl has a dream...
And Every Dream has an ending...
So why not make yours...((:


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i'm going mad ;)

these couple of days has been quite a busy week for me. Studying from exams, assignments to finish and pass up before mid-year school holidays and most of all...not having fun anymore. )):
Sighhhhssss...why does time have to move so fast? I wish it would just stop. Or maybe just slow down...sighhhhssss....

anyway...i miss you girls...i miss the days where we use to go to either Bue or Kyralynn's house to play )): Those were the most happiest days of my life...actually...whenever i'm with you girls, i'll always be happy ((: eventhough we might not see each other everyday...sighs...i wish we could all just be neighbours...then we can see each other everyday...and i don't have to worry about anything at all ((: hahas...that will be the day all my sorrows went away XDhahaha...

XDhahaha ((;

She's taking a step back
to be with them
every single day of her life ((:


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Someday i hope i'll know the answer...

Have you ever said "I Love You" to anyone before? I mean besides your parents and your family members. LOLXD. Don't you feel that it's a big word and somehow it's quite hard to say? Well...have you ever confessed to the person you have a crush on or maybe
someone you really really want to be with? At this moment, you somehow realise questions going around in your mind thinking about what the person you have a crush on might think of you. And you start to have fear and start making silly mistakes when you're with him/her. hahas. Am i right? Well...yeah. Then you start to change a lot cause you might not want to be yourself when your with him/her. Or you think that you might be quite lame and all and that him/her might not like you anymore. So you change your personality, your looks, your style, your hobbies and everything that will make the girl or guy like you. I mean your crush.

But then i thought about it, what if the girl/guy that you like only likes you the way you are. Maybe he/she thinks that you're special and all and really means a lot to him/her>? So...what i'm trying to say is just be yourself. You don't have to hide your true self just because that's what everyone says or thinks about you. Just be yourself. GOD created you and he wants you to stay that way. He never asked you to change for the better. He likes you and loves you just the way you are. And you are always and forever will be special to him. So yeah. Don't change. If the guy/girl that you like does not like you just the way you are, then that means that they are fooling around with you. So if they don't like you, then just move on. There are many more awesome guys/girls in the world that are waiting for you. Hahas. So just stay normal, be yourself and be original ! hahasXD Aites. Good Luck finding your own true self ((;

ps: Somehow, i might say that being lame is quite fun. Well...that it is to me. ((; LOLXD


Photobucket 9:38 PM

This is actually for yesterday...

Happy birthday Bue ! ((:

Yeap ((: That's her alright. The super hyper girl i knew since i was 4...i guess...LOLXD

Anyway, yesterday was her birthday. I'm sorry i couldn't make it though how much i want to. )=

Sighs...so yea...it was suppose to be a surprise party for you bue. Of course you're not suppose to know about it. LOLXD But i'm glad that you had fun and that you had an enjoyable day. ((:

Aren't having friends fun? Hahas. At least you have friends who remember you're birthday and that they planned a surprise party for you ! sighs. I don't have surprise parties. =) hahas. oh oh. and that your parents remember you're birthday! Not to forget...GOD always remembers our birthdays !!!! Hahas ((: Isn;t that great ! XD

So yea. Treasure all these wonderful and special moments you have. And always remember this bue...That i will always be with you no matter where you are and you can tell me everything thats on your mind right now. HAHAS XD...sighhhhssss...you will always be my sister ! ((:


memories that will last for a life time...Happy Birthday Bue ! ((:

Pale us...LOL XD

My dear and me

Kyralynn, Bue and me

Bue dear ((: No...She ain't no stalker...hahasXD

She's the pro-photographer XD

my pro-photographer ((: giggles...

ps: Bue, i'll give you your present next week ok. Sorry...i'm just quite busy these couple of months. Gotta study. hehs. so i'm sorry again. I guess i'll be saying more sorries than i can ever count them. hahas XD...sorry my dear. But i'll make it up to you by spending this whole sat and sun with you ok. In church. ((: AITES ?! hahas. oh oh...and i'm sory for the the few pictures. i promise i'll upload more when i finish my exams ok. Ok. Anyo ! lala got to go now. ((:

bye loves. xoxo


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Friday, May 15, 2009

Every girl has a dream...

A dream that will last forever...

"Being a princess"
"Being a beautiful bride"

"Having joy in their life"

by spending time with the guy they love...

Treasure every moment you have...

Or you'll lose it someday...


Photobucket 4:19 PM

Yesterday We went to the lab and I burned my hand when i touched a hot test tube =( It hurts so bad. silly me. =(


Photobucket 4:12 PM

She twirls like a ballerina ((:

Aren't ballerina's beautiful? Well, i had a dream like this before. I wished that i was a ballerina. LOL. yea. i know it's kinda stupid right but yea. It's kinda like every girls dream. Well...sort of. LOL.


Photobucket 3:26 PM

Photobucket 3:26 PM

Photobucket 3:26 PM

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day by day pass by so quickly. I never felt so happy in my life. It's like i'm in my own dreamland. Floating and landing on puffy clouds. sighs. Becoming myself again and smiling and laughing all the time. XD hahas. sighs. sighs. and sighs. I think i'm going GaGa over you right now. Don't tell me it will end that fast. I want this feeling to last forever. Don't tell me it's just a dream and it's all only in my mind. These are some of the memories i want to keep. Oh! Make it last forever and never will end. Just like in fairytales. Every fairytale needs an ending right? sighs. Kyralynn BAbe ! i have loads to tell you about ! thank You for always being here for me ! You'll always be my kyralynn. The one and only ! hahas. Love ya loads babe. This goes to You too Bue and Tammy darlings ! you girls will always be my Bestiez forever ! and it will last a life time ! ((:

I looked up at the sky and asked myself: > is this all a dream? < ((: giggles

Photobucket 1:57 PM