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"Larissa Lau rocks my socks till it knocks on my boxers. :)"
- Bue.






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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gums ! Gums ! and more Gums ! hey ! LOOK ! i'm a bouncing ball ! Boing ! Boing ! Boing ! Weeeeee XD eepss...watch out for that wall ! BANG ! CRASH ! SMASH ! oh no ! mom's gonna kill me. yikes! and i can hear her right now ! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....(runs to hide) phewww...i think i'll be safe here...behind a house plant. hehehe XD


Photobucket 2:38 PM

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I miss you too! ;)

love lala ;D


Photobucket 3:27 PM

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I miss you. :(


Photobucket 6:34 PM

Pictures of the day: Sunny Sunday =D

credits to Tammy Hunney ;)

Do you guys think she's P.H? Nehhh...i don't think so. She's way Hotter, Cuter,

totally gorgeous and super available ! haha XD oh oh. and to make it even better.

She's D one and only Tammy Ho ! *screams* ahhhhhhh....totally original ! ;)

Anyway, thanks hun for lending us your super stylish and fire burning sunneys !

haha XD if you know what i mean. ;) We had a great time trying to be P.H and camwhoring

didn't we? well, somehow i did. hehe XD let's do it again some other time shall we? =D

Hehe. Okay okay. Enough of listening to me talk crap. Here are some of the pictures of the day.

Please enjoy. ;)

hehe. that's Bue and I Love her so much ! She's like my sis cause we always do stuff together and

all. Don't think negative yeah. hehe XD oh oh...and that's Richard gor. LOL XD

Haha. Richard's emo-ing. LOL XD It doesn't suit him at all. XP Moving on...

Now that's what i call cool. He looks like terminator. haha. As-ta-la-vis-ta- baby. LOL *girls screams and drools over him* XD errr...next...haha XD

My 5 best buddies ! oops.. missing kyralynn babe and Samantha ! sighs. Well, if you guys are interested in them, don't even think about going there. haha. Cause their taken ! by me...LOL XD I know i know. I'm - L-A-M-E- hehe ;)

This is Deborah. I call her Deb. hehe. She's super cool and fun to be with. hehe. and yeah, that's Richard. *The guy who all girls dream of * sighs...

Pet sis and Pet Bro's: Richard. Bue. and the girl in pink. hehe XD

Bue dear and me ! I can't live without her. She's like glued to me for life ! hehe. and she's like the best sis ever ! not forgetting Tho and Kyral yeah. ;)

And yeap. That's Bue again ! hehe. She hacked into my blog but neh. I don't mind. Cause i love what's she's doin. hehe. XD

Debby XD

Tammy and Deb RockS me out of here !

Deb and Bue dear ;)

Yeap. I guess that's all for now. Will blog again as soon as i finish my trial's. hehe. sighs. i'm so not ready for it. =x

we want to run to the altar

and catch the fire

to stand within the gap

between the living and the dead

give us a heart of compassion

to a world without vision

we can make a difference

bringing hope

to our land.


Photobucket 12:33 PM